Janet Baker film in production

The great British mezzo-soprano, Dame Janet Baker, is the subject of a new documentary profile by John Bridcut, currently in production for the BBC.  It is the first full-length film about the singer since her retirement from the operatic stage in 1982. 

Rudolf Nureyev film in St Petersburg

John Bridcut's 2007 film Nureyev: From Russia With Love is to have a special screening in St Petersburg on Sunday 22nd April.   It will form part of a four-day festival to celebrate what would have been the dancer's 80th birthday.  The festival is sponsored by the Rudolf Nureyev Foundation.

Queen's birthday film in German-language version

Elizabeth at 90 – A Family Tribute will soon be available in a German-language DVD.  In this film, members of the British royal family (including The Queen herself) watch some of her own home movies, and reflect on the private occasions captured on ciné film.  The DVDs should be available from 23rd March 2018.  They will also carry the English-language soundtrack.

The Queen's home movies out on DVD

Elizabeth at 90 – A Family Tribute has now been issued on DVD by BBC Worldwide, and is available from normal DVD retailers as well as on this website.  It is also being distributed for international broadcast.  The DVD contains the extended, feature-length version of the programme, as shown on BBC One in April 2016.